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The control of your e-Charger, from now on your phone!

Enjoy the latest technology! Check all of your charger’s data in real time.

Control the charge in real time.

Control your charge

Select the intensity, activate or desactivate the charge and lock or unlock the use of your charger.

Program your charge

Choose the time slot for charging your electric vehicle. Receive notificaciones when charging starts and ends.

Check statistics

Display all your charging statistics : time, cost, power and energy.

Program the charge and... relax!

With V2C Cloud app, everything is an advantaged'avantages

Schedule your charge in the cheapest time slots.


Control your charge wherever you are. 


Manage your e-Charger from your mobile, computer or tablet. 


In real time

Check in real time the charging status of your electric vehicle.

Intuitive interface

The APP is simple and easy-to-use to create an unique experience.

Advanced technology

Enjoy the latest technology developped by V2C.

Consult the price

Assign your electricity tariff and know the cost of all your chargings.

Ultimate comfort

Control your charger from anywhere, enjoying maximum comfort.

Internet Connection

Take all the control thanks to its Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

‘ALEXA,start charging my electric car’

Turn on and off the e-Charger, adjust the intensity and perform other functions with your voice.

The most innovative solution for companies

V2C Cloud app is an added value for the installation of V2C recharging points in enterprise environments.

Manage all your chargers and check their statistics as a whole or individually.
Allow access to multiple users by RFID and consult their charging statistics.